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State Farm to School Policy Handbook

by National Farm to School Network and Center for Agriculture and Food Systems | 13-Jun-2019

The State Farm to School Policy Handbook: 2002-2018 summarizes and analyzes farm to school bills and resolutions introduced between January 1, 2002, and December 31, 2018, from the 50 states, DC, and the U.S. territories. It also include analysis of state legislative trends, summaries of proposed bills, case studies, and additional resources for advocates.

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State Farm to School Positions Guide

by National Farm to School Network | 31-Jan-2019

This resource includes a list of existing state farm to school positions - both in state agencies and in university Extension offices - four state case studies, an analysis of the current landscape of state farm to school positions, and sample job descriptions for some of the positions featured in the resource.

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Procuring Alabama Fruits and Vegetables

by Alabama State Department of Education and the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries | 12-Mar-2020

This handbook was developed to provide child and adult nutrition programs in Alabama
with instructions for the purchase of raw unprocessed agricultural products as defined
by the USDA, Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) in 7 CFR 210.21(g), 7 CFR 226.22(n), and
related guidance.

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Summary of Northeast Iowa Farm to School Processing Pilot, 2014-2015

by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach | 1-Sep-2018

A research project conducted in 2014-15 tested the benefits of a partnership between area school districts and the Northeast Iowa Food and Fitness Initiative's (FFI) Iowa Food Hub - a non-profit food aggregator and distributor. This publication provides information on the project and discusses challenges faced and opportunities available in providing fresh, local foods to Iowa schools.

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Regional Trends in New England Farm to Institution Procurement Policy

by Farm to Institution New England & Center for Agriculture and Food Systems at Vermont Law School | 23-Aug-2019

All six New England states have some form of policy encouraging or requiring that institutions purchase local food products, including farm to school policies. Yet the laws differ from state to state, and in many cases, aren’t particularly effective. These are the findings outlined in this 2019 report.

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